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Enabling UJS in Rails 7

In Rails 7, Turbo and Stimulus replace Turbolinks and unobtrusive JavaScript (UJS). But what if you need UJS along with server-generated JavaScript responses, for backwards compatibility or other reasons?

I ran into this problem the other day when trying to make a form asynchronous while disabling Turbo using data: { turbo: false } on my form_for helper. Passing remote: true to this helper did generate the corresponding HTML data attribute, but Rails ignored it and the form behaved synchronously. Why? Because UJS was missing.

Luckily, this Stack Overflow answer by Ruslan Valeev explains how to add UJS to Rails 7.

First, use Importmap (shipped with Rails 7) to install UJS:

$ ./bin/importmap pin @rails/ujs

This adds the following line (or something like it) to config/importmap.rb:

pin "@rails/ujs", to: "@rails--ujs.js" # @7.1.3

Next, add these lines to javascript/application.js or javascript/controllers/application.js to start UJS:

import Rails from '@rails/ujs';

Lastly, restart your server. UJS should now be enabled.

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