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Lying Little Injun

US senator Elizabeth Warren is a liar.

Politicians lie all the time but she seems to have a knack for it.

She has lied about being native American to score diversity points. She was never able to produce any “documents proving her lineage” beyond a controversial DNA test that showed she had only one native-American ancestor between six and ten generations back, making her as little as 1/1024 native American. She has since apologized and admitted that “I’m not enrolled in a tribe, and only tribes determine tribal membership”.

She has lied about a “1984 Indian cookbook edited by a family member, “Pow Wow Chow,” and the recipes she contributed to it, [being] evidence of her native heritage. In fact, the recipes were fakes, plagiarized from books and magazines and utterly unconnected to either her Oklahoma background or (now-debunked) native heritage.”

She has lied about “how and when […] she found out that Harvard was reporting her as a minority hire”, claiming she “read it on the front page of the [Boston] Herald”. She “later admitted she lied about this. She knew that Harvard University listed her as a minority hire long before the Herald reported it because she informed university officials herself.” She also lied about not recalling ever reporting herself as native American on applications. “She listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory for law professors from 1986 to 1995. She wrote her race as “American Indian,” on a 1986 registration card for the Texas State Bar […]”. You can see that registration card here and here.

She has lied about mishearing a question at a “very noisy press conference” that wasn’t noisy.

She has lied about her son’s education by implying he had not gone to private schools.

She has lied about losing her job as a teacher in 1971 because she was “visibly pregnant” to score points with feminists. “[S]he was, in fact, offered another year’s teaching contract. Warren wasn’t denied a job. She chose to decline it.”

She has lied about the cause of increasing grocery prices, saying it’s “because greedy corporations are charging Americans extra just to keep their stock prices high”, when in reality it’s because the Federal Reserve has created a record amount of money out of thin air in recent months, leading to inflation, and because many competitors went out of business during lockdowns.

She has lied about her involvement in increasing gas prices, claiming the increase is “being driven by energy companies’ corporate greed and profiteering”, when in reality, according to Alex Epstein, it’s due to her “success at restricting gas production, transport, and export”.

She has lied about the nature of a wealth tax she supports, misrepresenting it as a “two-cent” tax when she really means ‘two percent’, year after year, which, due to how a wealth tax would work, can amount to 65 percent by some calculations.

She has lied about being alarmed at “[v]iolence against trans and gender-non-conforming people”, again to score diversity points, citing an article that doesn’t provide any evidence that the people it claims have been killed so far in 2021 were killed for being trans.

She has lied about “giant corporations […] pay[ing] little or no taxes”.

She has lied about disavowing super PACs. When her presidential run in 2020 started not going so well and the Persist super PAC suddenly jumped in to help her campaign with millions, she did not disavow it despite being asked about it. She instead said “all the candidates [would have] to get rid of super PACs [emphasis added]”, and that “[i]t can’t be the case that a bunch of people keep them and only one or two don’t”.

In short, Warren is a repeat liar. She continues to lie after having been caught, even about things people can easily fact-check. You shouldn’t trust her, look up to her, associate with her, vote for her, or support her in any way.

If I catch her lying again, I will add comments below.

Speaking of Indians – Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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What people are saying

Here she is again lying about “giant corporations” not paying taxes.

#147 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

And again.

I’ll only report new lies from now on, unless there’s something notable about repeat lies.

#150 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

Warren lies by implying that “roads, bridges, and childcare” must be provided by the government, i.e., financed at gunpoint, or else “[o]ur economy doesn’t work”. She also links to a CNN article that heavily focuses on women so she can score points with feminists.

#253 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

Warren lies about there being “systemic racial and class inequities”. Additionally, this is SJW language, which she uses to score points.

She lies about anyone opposing the violent funding of “COVID aid” not wanting to “be prepared for the next variant” when they could just oppose it for any number of reasons, including not wanting to fight disease with violence.

I suspect she lies about people who write in to her “about issues that touch their lives”. Such as some obscure “Patricia F.”

I suspect she lies about the cause of increasing gas prices. She attributes them to “Big Oil’s price gouging” while they seem to be caused by supply disruptions, high demand, and low production. In the same tweet, she lies about fossil fuels increasing America’s dependence on Russia, when in reality, she has contributed to that dependence, as I pointed out in the main post above.

She lies by implying that seeking to make profits is immoral. (She has several other tweets accusing companies of “profiteering”.) She then uses the moral pressure that creates to extort more money from corporations using what she calls a “windfall profits tax”.

She lies about her motivations when she uses children, in this case a black girl, to show how tolerant and wonderful and accepting she is.

She spreads a lie that “[s]tudent debt cancellation is a racial & economic justice [sic] issue”. She does this, again, to score points with SJWs. And I suspect the ‘cancelation’ of student debt can mean only one thing: to force people who did not take out student loans to pay for them. Calling it a ‘cancelation’ – as if you could just legislate away debt – when it’s really a forced transfer of wealth is also dishonest.

#254 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

Warren lies about the cause of restaurants’ struggles to stay alive, blaming “Republican obstruction”, when in reality, it was government-perpetrated lockdowns that got restaurants in this mess.

A relief fund would, again, force people to pay for the ‘revitalization’ of the restaurant industry the government has been busy destroying. Are you seeing a pattern here? The government fucks up some industry through regulations, then comes in posing as the hero who extorts money from other victims to heal the first victims. Warren loves violence and extortion. Somebody once said the government is like someone who creates a fire on purpose and then rushes in to extinguish it to cast itself as heroic – only it’s worse because it forces others, at gunpoint, to extinguish the fire it created.

She also uses the opportunity to cast herself as brave for facing said “Republican obstruction”:

[…] I’ll keep fighting to ensure they get help as soon as possible—even in the face of Republican obstruction.

#255 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

Warren lies about her stance on freedom, making it sound like she supports freedom fighters. In reality, as you can see in the previous comments, she supports policies which rob people at gunpoint. If she really believed in freedom, she would work on reducing the government’s size until it is gradually reduced to zero, or she’d at least work to outlaw taxation.

#257 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

Warren lies about wanting to regulate Bitcoin to fight Russia, when in reality, she wants to regulate it to increase government’s power over cryptocurrency and trade. As the linked article states:

The bill from the Massachusetts Democrat would grant the Treasury Department the authority to prohibit cryptocurrency exchanges under US jurisdiction from processing transactions involving addresses affiliated with Russians and would give the president the authority to apply secondary sanctions to foreign exchanges that do business with sanctioned people, companies or government entities, according to Warren’s office. The goal of the secondary sanctions is to force those foreign exchanges to choose between doing business with the US or sanctioned Russians, like its president, Vladimir Putin, and many of its oligarchs.

Even though the article is written to support Warren’s efforts, describing the phenomenon of people going about their businesses without government intervention as “shadowy”, its author, Jim Puzzanghera, does not seem to realize he’s betraying Warren’s purported intent by divulging her real one when he continues:

[The legislation] would require U.S. taxpayers engaged in transactions of more than $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency offshore to report those holdings to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
Warren has been an outspoken critic of cryptocurrency, which she believes lacks consumer protections, destabilizes the financial system and adds to global warming because of the huge amount of computing power required to digitally mine bitcoin, Ethereum and other forms of the virtual currency.

The government using a foe as an excuse to increase the regulation of its subjects is a very common issue. As Thomas Jefferson said, “[t]he means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.”

As always, an unintended (?) consequence of any regulation of Bitcoin is that it makes it harder to use for law-abiding citizens and gives criminals, who by definition won’t abide by the regulation, a leg up over them.

#259 · dennis (verified commenter) ·

What are your thoughts?

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