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Lying Little Injun

US senator Elizabeth Warren is a liar.

Politicians lie all the time but she seems to have a knack for it.

She has lied about being native American to score diversity points. She was never able to produce any “documents proving her lineage” beyond a controversial DNA test that showed she had only one native-American ancestor between six and ten generations back, making her as little as 1/1024 native American. She has since apologized and admitted that “I’m not enrolled in a tribe, and only tribes determine tribal membership”.

She has lied about a “1984 Indian cookbook edited by a family member, “Pow Wow Chow,” and the recipes she contributed to it, [being] evidence of her native heritage. In fact, the recipes were fakes, plagiarized from books and magazines and utterly unconnected to either her Oklahoma background or (now-debunked) native heritage.”

She has lied about “how and when […] she found out that Harvard was reporting her as a minority hire”, claiming she “read it on the front page of the [Boston] Herald”. She “later admitted she lied about this. She knew that Harvard University listed her as a minority hire long before the Herald reported it because she informed university officials herself.” She also lied about not recalling ever reporting herself as native American on applications. “She listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory for law professors from 1986 to 1995. She wrote her race as “American Indian,” on a 1986 registration card for the Texas State Bar […]”. You can see that registration card here and here.

She has lied about mishearing a question at a “very noisy press conference” that wasn’t noisy.

She has lied about her son’s education by implying he had not gone to private schools.

She has lied about losing her job as a teacher in 1971 because she was “visibly pregnant” to score points with feminists. “[S]he was, in fact, offered another year’s teaching contract. Warren wasn’t denied a job. She chose to decline it.”

She has lied about the cause of increasing grocery prices, saying it’s “because greedy corporations are charging Americans extra just to keep their stock prices high”, when in reality it’s because the Federal Reserve has created a record amount of money out of thin air in recent months, leading to inflation, and because many competitors went out of business during lockdowns.

She has lied about her involvement in increasing gas prices, claiming the increase is “being driven by energy companies’ corporate greed and profiteering”, when in reality, according to Alex Epstein, it’s due to her “success at restricting gas production, transport, and export”.

She has lied about the nature of a wealth tax she supports, misrepresenting it as a “two-cent” tax when she really means ‘two percent’, year after year, which, due to how a wealth tax would work, can amount to 65 percent by some calculations.

She has lied about being alarmed at “[v]iolence against trans and gender-non-conforming people”, again to score diversity points, citing an article that doesn’t provide any evidence that the people it claims have been killed so far in 2021 were killed for being trans.

She has lied about “giant corporations […] pay[ing] little or no taxes”.

She has lied about disavowing super PACs. When her presidential run in 2020 started not going so well and the Persist super PAC suddenly jumped in to help her campaign with millions, she did not disavow it despite being asked about it. She instead said “all the candidates [would have] to get rid of super PACs [emphasis added]”, and that “[i]t can’t be the case that a bunch of people keep them and only one or two don’t”.

In short, Warren is a repeat liar. She continues to lie after having been caught, even about things people can easily fact-check. You shouldn’t trust her, look up to her, associate with her, vote for her, or support her in any way.

If I catch her lying again, I will add comments below.

Speaking of Indians – Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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Here she is again lying about “giant corporations” not paying taxes.

#147 · dennis (verified commenter) · about 2 months ago

And again.

I’ll only report new lies from now on, unless there’s something notable about repeat lies.

#150 · dennis (verified commenter) · about 2 months ago

What are your thoughts?

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