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Mentzer’s Consolidated Routine

“The perfect bodybuilding program” as per Mike Mentzer himself:

Before trying this routine at your own risk, familiarize yourself with Mentzer’s ‘Ideal Weightlifting Routine’ for background and reasoning.

Only one set to failure per exercise.

Day 1

  1. Squats, 8-15 reps to failure. May substitute leg press. After a brief rest:
  2. Close-grip palms-up pull downs. Use extreme deliberation and control, no thrusting. Pause at bottom for 2-3 seconds, then do the negative under strict control. 6-10 reps to failure.

No sooner than seven days later:

Day 2

  1. Deadlifts. May use regular barbell or trap bar. 5-8 reps to failure. Brief rest.
  2. Dips. 6-10 reps to failure.

That’s all. Repeat after one week.

Do this for at least six months to “maximize your body’s anabolic process”.

Keep a training journal. Accurately record the weights and number of reps.

Mentzer says not to alter the exercises above. One alteration I would consider, however, is to alternate or maybe even replace dips with close-grip incline bench presses to target the upper chest. Most people’s upper chest is underdeveloped compared to their lower chest.


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