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What Christians Get Right

Christians get some things right that atheists usually get wrong, especially scientistic atheists. Christians understand that:

  • Humans are better than animals
  • It’s okay to eat and use animals
  • It’s okay to view the environment as a resource
  • Humans are more than just atoms and neuronal patterns
  • It’s better to be right wing than left wing
  • Related to that, it’s better to be culturally conservative than revolutionary
  • Science can’t answer all questions
  • America is exceptional

To be clear, Christians get these things right for all the wrong reasons, and they’re probably wrong about way more things than they’re right about. I’m an atheist (though not of the scientistic kind), and, following Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, I think religion is mostly evil and irrational and the world would be better off without it. I would be a lot less hesitant to push the Rothbardian button to get rid of religion overnight than I would be when it comes to the state. But it’s notable that Christianity has some good conclusions baked in, even if for the wrong reasons.

What people are saying

In terms of form, all forms are of the same form. In terms of substance, everything is substance of the same substance: the almighty starting point before all time and outside of space and time, the starting point of everything that is, the starting point of all mutually visible and mutually invisible, overlapping worlds, the omniscient end point, after all time and outside of space and time, omniscient in form and substance, therefore indistinguishable from the starting point, therefore conceived, born, loved, suffered, died, risen, that is why he will come again to raise the living and the dead, general power of form and substance, therefore indistinguishable from the starting point and the end point, therefore eternal life and resurrection.

#224 · Paul Koop (people may not be who they say they are) ·

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