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My Response to a Google Recruiter

A recruiter from Google recently contacted me about their open positions for software engineering. A major problem with many big tech companies is their support for destructive and immoral far-left ideas, policies, and movements. I’ve written previously about what to do in the face of corporate wokeism, how some woke ideas about equity and representation are mathematically impossible to implement, and how the woke movement has perverted the commonsense definition of racism. Having worked at several tech companies, I have experienced first hand the great pressure on employees to espouse or at least quietly go along with such ideas. I want to encourage others who receive messages from recruiters at woke companies not to betray their integrity, even if it means turning down a potentially very comfy job in big tech. The demand for software engineers is huge and tech companies are struggling to hire enough of them, so this can make a difference.

Here’s my response to the recruiter. It was a female recruiter, by the way – somehow, most tech recruiters who reach out to me are female. With the gatekeepers of tech being women, sexism is clearly as rampant in this industry as it is said to be!

Hi […],

Given all of Google’s commitments to ‘racial equity’, I’m a bit surprised to learn that Google still hires white men.

All joking aside – maybe you don’t know, but ‘social justice’ is not what it seems to be. Though I’m sure there are some good intentions behind Google’s support for racial and social justice, Google should know that the ideas behind these movements are often revolutionary and anti-capitalist, threatening to take away some of our American liberties. The very concept of ‘equity’ is disgusting and deeply un-American.

This article by Google says “2020 was [Google’s] largest year ever for hiring Black+ Googlers in the U.S. […].” God knows what “Black+” means, but your hiring decisions should be based solely on merit, not skin color.

I would have considered pursuing a role at Google but would have to violate my integrity to work for you. I cannot do that.

I plan to publish this email.


For posterity, I have archived the links from my email and updated them accordingly.

I have turned down other big tech companies for similar reasons, including Amazon. Such companies may reach out to me again once they have stopped spreading and supporting woke ideas, and ideally retracted their support for such ideas.

I encourage you to respond in a similar fashion when recruiters from woke companies reach out to you. You may use my email above and adjust it where necessary without credit.


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