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The Tragedy of Children Becoming Teachers

It is one thing when a young mind, after some twelve years of forced indoctrination, voluntarily decides to continue the slavery in college and beyond. But it is quite another to then inflict the horror on the next generation.

Here’s a conversation I had recently with a young school teacher. Let’s call her Beth.

Beth: I was a demon child in Kindergarten. Biting, hitting, spitting, calling kids buttholes…
Dennis: And now you’re a teacher. The system defeated you :(
B: Haha now I get a taste of my own medicine!
D: I’m curious, why did you become a teacher?
B: I’ve always loved working with kids and just making that connection! But also I think I didn’t have a great experience with some teachers (probably cause I was a terror 😂) and just thought that I could try and provide a better relationship with kids who struggle?? Like I never really liked school when I was younger haha
D: What do kids mostly struggle with in school?
B: Well last years struggle was mostly around behaviors. This year..looks quite different with everything being online haha.
I would say most of them are on grade level. Usually two or three are struggling academically
D: What kinds of behaviors do you mean?
B: Hmm one last year was more extreme, he would get physical when he got angry. But just maybe talking in class, not following direction, bullying other kids..things like that
D: Hmmm. Have you considered what the root cause of those behaviors might be?
B: Hmm..which one?
The one who would get physical was actually one of my favorite students. He was so sweet and amazing in the classroom. But was very into football and would get too competitive. I think that he puts a lot of pressure on himself be the best and if he doesn’t win he doesn’t know how to take’s ok to feel angry but just needs to learn how to react to those feelings more appropriately..but I also think some things were going on at home with the parents.
D: All of them, actually.
B: Being completely honest? I think not all but a lot of it sometimes comes from what they get away with at home
D: I see. What do you think they “get away with” at home?
B: Haha gosh you’re making me think hard right now! I’m thinking more than getting away with stuff they get what they want. Sometimes if there’s some issue at school parents don’t really believe us lol. Idk what do you think it could be?
D: Could it be that those kids don’t want to be in school?
B: Hmm possible. Never asked that one before.
D: And could it be that you were a “demon child” in school because you also didn’t want to be there?

Never heard back from her.


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The in-text uptalk… ugh. This is a sentence, but she ends it in two question marks.

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