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Women, Don’t Divorce after a Promotion

I’ve been hearing about this rather strange phenomenon more and more lately: a woman will get a promotion and then divorce her husband.

Why? What’s her reasoning? A promotion usually means more money and higher status. These generally increase a man’s value in the eyes of most women. Some women then draw the conclusion that it’s also what men look for. So, after being promoted, they think their value has increased and they can shop around for a higher-value man.

That’s a mistake. Women shouldn’t do this. Most men don’t care about a woman’s status or income. They instead look for beauty, youth, purity, and (if they want children) fertility.

These values typically peak in the early to mid 20s. By the time most women are married and have a career, they’re already not in their prime anymore. So if they divorce, they’ll most likely end up either alone or with a lower-value man than they were married to previously.


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